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Our Speciality

Esquire Kitchen Highlights

Esquire Kitchen will enliven your taste buds with its specialties.

Chicken Paprika (image 01) – A traditional Sze Chuan favourite. This non-spicy delight features bite-sized chicken pieces fried with cashew nuts and dried chilies topped with our chef's special sauce. This succulent dish will make you wanting more.
Shanghainese Fried Dumplings (image 02) – This dim sum dish is well known in Shanghai.. This pan fried dim sum is filled with a juicy and tasty mix of ingredients.
Tung Po’ Meat (image 03) – A must try specialty dish! Our signature pork dish offers succulent slices of meat intricately cooked and fused with our Chef’s special sauce.
Sze Chuan Eggplant – Enjoy our fragrantly wok fried eggplant with mince pork cum Esquire Kitchen specially prepared Sze Chuan sauce.
Shanghai Fried Noodles (image 04) A Shanghainese specialty. These delicious noodles are wok fried with seafood, veggie and meat. Fragrantly appetizing.
Pastries (image 05) – Enjoy an appetizing selection of pastries such as Kaya Puff, Curry Puffs, Santa Cake and the favourite – Siew Pau.